Welcome to the Certificate Verify website. We maintain a list of UL certificates and approvals that users and consumers can reference. If you have any electronics or other consumer products that you would like to verify, simply input the UL file number into the box above to perform a search. You will see the name of the company and product details display.

UL is an abbreviation for Underwriter's Laboratory, an independent, American company that creates standards and performs product testing to these standards for product safety. In order for products to be deemed acceptably safe for use, they must be submitted for third party testing to ensure that the product meets the safety standards set forth for that category.

The AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) will typically determine what types of products must meet what standards. Therefore UL does not set any rules or conduct any enforcement with regards to whether a certain safety standard must be met for a certain application or installation. On the other hand, UL is responsible for ensuring that the product design, manufacture and factory all meet the requirements of each standard, and will oftentimes include periodic on-site factory inspections.

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